North Seattle College

Adjunct faculty, Video Art. 2017

Portland State University

Instructor. "The Practical Joke". Humor has been employed as a social critique and disruptive political tactic. It is also an access point to ideas behind many works of conceptual art. In this class, we will consider the practical effects of humor in social and artistic realms. We will identify forms (i.e. the one-liner), use theories of laughter (such as those from Bergson and Freud) to analyze contemporary examples and experiment with comic technique. Undergraduate weekend intensive. Portland State University, 2013.

Center for Urban Pedagogy

Teaching artist. Project-based courses examining urban policy and planning issues. Each public high school course used the collaborative production of films to increase meaningful civic engagement and demystify issues that impact communities. 

  • Talking Trash: Throwing Out the Big Apple Where does New York City's trash go? Frances Perkins Academy, Brooklyn, NY. 2016-17
  • Who Rules? How does City Council work? International Community High School, Bronx, NY. 2014
  • Now Boarding What is a Community Board and what can you do with it? International Community High School, Bronx, NY. 2013
  • Common Cents What is participatory budgeting? International Community High School, Bronx, NY. 2012

The Walk Exchange

Co-facilitator. The independent Walk Study Training Course (WSTC) is a six week walking seminar that puts active participation at the centre of a cross-disciplinary pedagogical approach. The course pairs specific walks with critical texts and case studies, and uses walking as both practice and subject, addressing a wide range of ideas through the common activity of walking. Our walking discussion is informed by individual encounters with case studies during the week, and facilitated exercises in place during the meetings.  The pedagogical philosophy for the Walk Exchange is based in embodied notions of knowledge production, and a non-hierarchical approach that focuses on participants as equal partners in the learning experience. Courses included:

  • "Walking as Art", Fall 2011
  • "Walking as Reading and Writing the City", Spring 2012
  • "Spatial Relationships", Fall 2012
  • "Walking and Autonomy", Fall 2013

Mildred's Lane

Session leader: "Walking Talking and Social Practice". How walking practices and other participatory, experiential, non-traditional work can function in the social-sphere. at J. Morgan Puett's Mildred's Lane, a working-living-research experiment. Participants were primarily graduate students. Co-taught with Harrell Fletcher, 2015.