(recent sources, small projects, writing, press, links etc.)

  • By Our Own Admission performance at UT Missassauga.

  • Upacking (after) a coyote walk writing for WalkingLab Residency. 

  • Presented on coyote walks at "Artists and Post-Industrial Urban Wilderness" screening and discussion at Union Docs, New York.

  • Chance Ecologies, wilderness at Plank Road event with Queens Museum and Rebecca Solnit’s Nonstop Metropolis.

  • Report on Walk Exchange collaboration with Luz Porras' migration course at SUNY New Paltz.

  • Fung Wah Biennial: art show on a bus! Contributing to the Baltimore leg. 

  • The Rotation of the Earth presents: the Sunset. An anonymous poster, sunset viewing and silent walk in semi-public space. Chance Ecologies (2015).

  • Three instructions for The Institute for New Feeling’s Felt book tour, which began at SPACES in Cleveland (2015).

  • Two entries published as a “Thinker in Residence” for Art in Odd Places, New York 2014.

  • Read my contribution to “100 Questions”, a publication by the Open Engagement conference on socially engaged art.

  • A short book: John Malpede with Dillon de Give profiles Malpede’s individual works as well as the long term activities of the Los Angeles Poverty Department, a theater group partly composed of homeless and transient residents of LA’s Skid Row. The book is a formatted exchange between an established and an emerging artist. Published by Reference Points books series 2013. 

  • Buy Just the 2 of Us a short book on the process and mechanics of arranging dual stranger walks.