Go Between

Exhibition information:
Installation and performance, 2018.
Part of In, Of, and Crossing Essex curated by Anna Harsanyi at the Cuchifritos gallery, NY.

Cuchifritos is located within the historic Essex Street Market which has been in operation since the 1940's. Shortly after this exhibition the entire market is slated for relocation to a large modern structure across the street. This significant change to the neighborhood has inspired a wide range of response.

In Dillon de Give’s project Go Between, the artist will work with a group of trained facilitators to collect and deliver messages from Essex Market. Facilitators will be stationed inside Cuchifritos, where they will meet visitors and accompany them on a stroll through the Market, and help them formulate a message they wish to send to anyone within the Lower East Side and, on special circumstances, New York City. Facilitators will memorize and attempt to physically deliver the messages by reciting them to their intended recipients, creating an inter-personal telegraph service sending spoken postcards from Essex Market around the city.