The Coyote Walks

An annual walking project that illustrates a connection between New York City and the wild. It was originally performed to commemorate the spirit of "Hal", a coyote who appeared in Central Park in 2006 and died shortly after being captured and re-released in the forest. The walk begins in the city and remains within sight of a coyote-like path for three days before ending in a relatively wild area. The Coyote Walk has run as an itinerancy, or walking residency since 2014. 

Exhibition information:

  • Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art Nature and Dance, iLanding lab, 2015. Link
  • Proteus Gowanus, Migration. 2011-12, Link
  • Fritz Haeg's Dome Colony X, X Initiative, 2009. Link

Itinerancy website:
Additional images and writing


  • Walking route maps.
  • Some KMZ files for google earth can be downloaded here.

Gotham Coyote Project, Chance Ecologies, College of Mt. St. Vincent.

Artist writing:

  • Unpacking (after) a coyote walk. Walking Lab residency, 2017. Link.
  • Connective filaments, coyote walks on the map. Living Maps Review No. 2, 2017.
    Link / Download PDF
  • A Walking Proposition, WalkingLab 2015. Link
  • Tracking the call of the wild from the heart of Manhattan. NYNJ Trailwalker Summer 2012. Download PDF


  • Artists and the Post Industrial Urban Wilderness, Union Docs, 2017. Link
  • Chance Ecologies Symposium, Queens Museum, 2016. Link
  • Re-inscribing the City: Unitary Urbanism Today, Anarchist Book Fair, 2011. Link


  • Urban Coyotes Spur Walks on the wild side. CUNY NYCity News Service. Audio piece by Samia Bouzid
  • "‘Uurga shig’ – What is it like to be a lasso?" Hermione Spriggs, Journal of Material Culture, 2016. Link
  • Out Walking the Dog blog, Melissa Cooper 2011-12. Link
  • City Reliquary event write up in Matt Levy's Action Direction blog, 2009. Link