Art is contagious like laughter and comprehensible, like a joke. With this ideal in mind I invite others to work with me and lend my energy towards other people's initiatives. I support novel, democratic approaches for distributing (or dissolving) art in public experience. My intention is to expand open-ended discourse in the subject areas that my projects pass through, inside and outside the discipline of visual art. My work returns to social and ecological themes: permission, personhood, and cohabitation.

I use the act of walking as a vehicle for interaction, a medium, or a method of research. I value its approachability and capacity for transgressive continuity (between public and private space, memory etc.) 



Dillon de Give (hear pronunciation) is an artist and educator working with performance, film, publication and documentary forms. He is a co-founder of the Walk Exchange, a cooperative walking group and organized the annual Coyote Itinerancy, a retreat that traces a footpath between New York City and the wild, from 2009-2017. Dillon holds a BS in Radio/Television/Film from Northwestern University and an MFA in Art and Social Practice from Portland State University. He lives near Seattle, WA.

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Contact: implausibot (at) yahoo (dot) com